What is love if it's selfish? You insist on loving someone, on Owning him, while you know that He belongs to someone else. You disregard the boundaries and the Vows made by people who are willing To go through heaven and hell to Be married and together until Death do them part. You say that … Continue reading Love


There's a cycle for everything under The sun, beneath the moon, rotating With the earth, flowing with the wind. For every time sowing, there is time Reaping and rejoicing in the result Of broken back, aching joints, salty Tears, and painful sweats, which is Romantically named: hard work. For every birth, there is death to … Continue reading Cycle


We talked about the ballad of dis-, un-, and im- Yesterday, the ballad we sing on daily basis. The displeasure, impatience, and the state of Being unfortunate, all intertwined into a Giant ball of distress and the feeling of Anxiety and relentless. We sang songs of broken heart and rejection And manipulation and abandonment and … Continue reading Ass-U-Me

The Ballad of Dis-, Un-, and Im-

We live in a world where it is easy To connect and disconnect with people. Just give me your number and I Will save it on my phone. I'll call you whenever I deem it important Or necessary or whenever I'm feeling quite Unhappy with my life or how everything Is going and I need … Continue reading The Ballad of Dis-, Un-, and Im-