On Days Like This

Mother, how I miss you the most On days like this. Nothing seems To be going right, to be according To my plans, to be exactly like I Hope it would be. Everyone is so Blatant, and rude, and offensive, And I'm so tired of having to Explain myself over and over again To people … Continue reading On Days Like This

Dia yang Diberi Banyak, Dituntut Banyak

Kalimat yang menjadi judul dari tulisan ini berasal dari Alkitab kitab Lukas pasal 12. Kalimat tersebut sering saya dengar bahkan jauh sebelum saya menyelesaikan membaca Alkitab dari kitab Kejadian sampai Wahyu. Mengapa demikian? Kalimat tersebut sangat sering diucapkan oleh kedua orangtua saya, oleh Bapak dan Mama yang memiliki banyak talenta, bakat, dan keahlian. Oleh karena … Continue reading Dia yang Diberi Banyak, Dituntut Banyak


A friend of mine never wants to settle down For he knows that eventually everyone Will leave. Days turn into weeks, weeks Turn into months, months turn into Years, and years fold themselves into Decades. Time will stop at some point And so does relationship. To prevent Himself from experiencing grief, trauma, And everything else … Continue reading Leave

She Passed Away When the Weather Turned Nice

She passed away on a bright Saturday morning. The sun was shining hard, heavy, and hot. The clouds were nowhere to be seen. The weather was as humid as it could be. And the phone line was busy, jammed With this condolence news. "She passed away when I went home. She passed away on the … Continue reading She Passed Away When the Weather Turned Nice