Honorary Reporters International Collaboration

Today I joined about 500 out of 3.000 Honorary Reporters of KOCIS (Korean Culture and Information Service) of the South Korea Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism, from all around the globe for an online gathering. Pandemic has hindered our opportunity to gather on site (or in Seoul!) but it didn't stop all of us … Continue reading Honorary Reporters International Collaboration

The Freedom to Live, the Freedom to Congregate

A Brief History In August 1945 the Korean Peninsula was freed from Japan by the U.S. and allied forces. The event is commemorated as Victory over Japan Day, marking the end of World War II and the end of 35 years of Japanese occupation and colonial rule of Korea. The National Liberation Day of Korea … Continue reading The Freedom to Live, the Freedom to Congregate

Taekwondo: Initiating Friendship through Sport

Friendship can start anywhere, from classroom to the neighbor next door. My very first Korean friends were the people I met in Japan during my study almost two decades ago. They came from Seoul and Daegu. They were cool and exotic. They were very different from me. And they're some of the kindest people I … Continue reading Taekwondo: Initiating Friendship through Sport

Promoting K-Drama through Radio Program

Are you still listening to radio? If you're a part of Generation Y born between 1980 and 1995 when technology started to be introduced and taking place in our everyday lives, you must have been undoubtedly familiar with radio. Back then, radio, television, newspaper, and magazine were our primary source of information and entertainment. They … Continue reading Promoting K-Drama through Radio Program