One Year of Learning Korean Online with KCC Indonesia

I knew that the Korean Cultural Center Indonesia (KCCI) in Jakarta was running Korean language course with the King Sejong Institute system, but I wasn't aware that the course can be taken online until a friend informed me in January 2021. Prior to the pandemic, my brother was enrolled in King Sejong Institute and took … Continue reading One Year of Learning Korean Online with KCC Indonesia

Chuseok 2021 Experience

Chuseok in 2021 was no different than the one last year since the pandemic hit the world. For a few years I have joined my sabeomnim (taekwondo teacher) and soenbae (senior) celebrating Chuseok in our dojang (academy) the week after the thanksgiving holiday. We would be eating songpyeon (half-moon shaped rice cake), drinking sikhye (sweet … Continue reading Chuseok 2021 Experience

Honorary Reporters International Collaboration

Today I joined about 500 out of 3.000 Honorary Reporters of KOCIS (Korean Culture and Information Service) of the South Korea Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism, from all around the globe for an online gathering. Pandemic has hindered our opportunity to gather on site (or in Seoul!) but it didn't stop all of us … Continue reading Honorary Reporters International Collaboration