The device which connects us together, The network which is supposed to bring Us closer to each other, is the same thing Which brings upon us such unbearable Alienation. Connecting with other people is as simple As pressing any button which says "Add friend" or "poke" or "say hi" or Something between those, tailored to … Continue reading Alienation


In the chatting groups some people Are eager to stand out, willing to Answer every question, already Asked or not, appear to be the Know-it-all, the solvers of every Problem. What is the core of that behavior? The need to be needed, the craving For attention, the satisfaction for Having the spotlight on them, the … Continue reading Existence


"Warnanya apa?" Aku menggerutu. "Tebak, dong." "Biru? Kuning?" "Pasti hitam." "Ah nggak, abu-abu." Aku menggeleng dan membiarkan mereka menebak lagi. "Merah deh!" Aku membalas dengan anggukan yang disusul dengan decak puas dari sekitarku. "Bentuknya?" "Padat? Cair? Gas?" "Keras? Lembek? Sedang-sedang saja?" Aku tetap diam sambil berpikir. Sebenarnya warnanya tidak merah-merah amat. Hmm, bagaimana, ya? "Merah … Continue reading Monster