A person lost his spouse, another

Person gained a spouse. Both were

More than eager to show off their

Deepest emotions, to display every

Iota of the changes they’re under-

Going. One person made albums of

Memories, full of details from his late

Wife’s life. Photos and quotes were

Collected and composed into one

Mega last dedication for the

Deceased. It might be his way of

Mourning, his coping mechanism

When realization hit and the loss

Turned confusion into denial and

Then anger and lastly hopelessness.

But it didn’t stop with the video, it

Continued on with anyone who’d

Like to pay their last tribute. One

Person did some illustrations,

Another composed a song, and

Another wrote a lengthy poem.

The mourning husband put every

Single thing on his social media,

Expecting likes or probably mere

Reactions from his followers and

Anyone who knew him and his

Dead wife. Days turned into weeks

And the parade just wouldn’t stop.

With every decreasing number of

Likes he gained, he uploaded more and

More contents related to his decades

Long marriage and the sweet memories

He made with the only woman he ever

Loved, as he claimed. But life goes on

And the reminiscence became boring.

People found better things to comment ,

On, to mourn, to rejoice, to take side,

And to sympathize with, and they

Just left him with his ongoing sadness

And inability to move on. They didn’t

Want to take part anymore in

Consoling him and helping him

Continue with his life. Soon he was

No longer the talk of the town, or

Of the social media, in his case,

And it left him in further depression

Because he thought that no reactions

From his followers were equal with no

Love and care conveyed in real life.

Ain’t that so far away from the truth?

The other person included every

Vendor and supplier who voluntarily

Got involved in making her special

Day the best day ever existed on

This earth, the talk of the town for

Many years to come, and the source

Of gossips, references for quality,

And ignition for envy in the hearts of

People who are much less privileged

Than her. Every single thing on her

Came with a name of a brand, with

A price tag, and an address of the

Sponsor’s social media for further

Catalogues and negotiations. She

Made people think that they’re in

A race to get the most updates of

Her happily married life, while I

Personally thought it’s such a waste

Of time and life to follow and admire

Her, her choice of spouse, her life,

Her wealth, and everything which

Was never our concern to begin with.

Sadly, the hunger and thirst of a

Fairy tale-like life was put to a good

Use to support her increasing role

As the new brand ambassador for

The countless brands lining up to

Get her in the same frame with their

Products. What a sickening way to

Gain attention, fame, or whatever

It was she was so desperate to have.

Why couldn’t he mourn in private,

Why couldn’t she celebrate in

Private? Why couldn’t he walk down

His memory lanes in silence, in deep

Respect for the loving relationship

He had with his wife and only in

The presence of the children they

Raised together? Why wouldn’t he

Embrace his loss on his own, why

Couldn’t he bear not to be talked

About when everybody else is also

Experiencing what he experienced?

Birth, growing up, marriage, getting

Old, and death, aren’t we all too

Familiar with those stages? Why

Couldn’t she walk down the aisle

Only before the eyes of the people

Who truly cared about her and knew

Her best? Why couldn’t she enjoy

The warm and romantic moments

In humility, instead of making herself

The walking billboard of all little things

Not everyone needs, from the pins

In her hair to the nail paint on her

Toes? Why couldn’t she hold back

From revealing the rings, the dresses,

And even the new lights she got

For her new home? The parade

Seemed more and more pathetic,

Cause what was she looking for other

Than constant attention from her

Followers, the people who had wasted

Their time and life for something so

Temporary, fragile, futile, and useless?

For sorrow and joy are for a time

Being and we shouldn’t dwell in

It more than we should. Again,

Life goes on, time and people

Change, and what’s so popular

Today is easily forgotten by

Tomorrow morning. So why crave

To be the hottest topic when we

Know that the ball keeps rolling

And people take turn to be on

The stage? Loss and gain, bliss and

Condolences are best enjoyed in

Consideration, in respect, in regards

To the people who truly matter in our

Short and fleeting life.

Why can’t we mourn in private,

Why can’t we celebrate in private,


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