My Experience Delivering Third Workshop for Honorary Reporters

How It Was Proposed

I emailed Kal Hong, our Honorary Reporters (HR) manager last October to propose a workshop on how to review K-Drama.

Apart from Talk Talk Korea (TTK), I also write on other three platforms and my articles about K-Drama (and everything related to it) have been visited by many readers, sometimes as many as 10.000 counts per month.

I’m confident that I can deliver well because my K-Drama review articles often come out on the first page of Google search engine, and I think my knowledge and skill are beneficial to fellow Honorary Reporters.

Kal is amazing. She welcomed my idea and had been supportive all through the way. She was always ready to give me feedbacks, on my material and the way I present, and she responded promptly whenever I had things to clarify.

We’ve been working on the material for about two months, with Kal sharing with me the current quality of and expectations for K-Drama reviews on TTK. I incorporated those information to tailor useful tips and guidelines for HRs to write more interesting and outstanding reviews.

I will be doing a workshop on the same day with Preeti, an HR from India. She will talk about conducting interviews. It is a pleasant coincidence because I was planning to mention interviewing an expert if the drama topic is beyond the HR’s expertise.

I did two rehearsals before D-Day, January 7th, 2022, first one with Kal and second one with Enny and Preeti. The experience was valuable. The rehearsals made me consider things like picture layout, mechanism for practice, HR’s different backgrounds, etc.

How It Was Delivered

Here I’m going to summarize the main points that I elaborated during my presentation.

We review K-Drama because we aim to introduce the K-Culture to wider audience. With that in mind, we don’t compare cultures for argument. We get information and insights about Korea from the K-Drama we watch and we want to share them with our readers.

When we write a review, we need the basics and the structure.

The Basics

  1. Write down what interests you.
  2. Including spoiler or not depends solely on your preference.
  3. Pay attention to these points to cover: information about casts/director/script writer, characters, story plot, and Korean cultural aspects depicted by the K-Drama.

The Structures

  1. Use interesting title.
  2. Start your article with a punch-line.
  3. Partition your article by using headings.
  4. Use interesting heading title.
  5. Reflect on your own life’s experience.
  6. Ask questions regarding story premise.

Kal will be sharing the recording of Session 1 on HR Facebook Group later on. You can re-watch it to be reminded of the points I’ve mentioned above.

How It Warmed My Heart

We can be skillful in no time if we apply our newly gained knowledge.

I was so grateful for the enthusiasm shown by my fellow HRs. For practice, I challenged the participants to create headings for a review of a K-Drama of their choice. The headings must also have interesting titles to capture reader’s attention.

Five HRs volunteered to present their works and I gave them feedbacks afterwards. I was amazed by their eagerness to write a better review. The examples they presented had given us new ideas and led to further discussions.

Thank you for your hard work, Lliria (Mexico), Lalien (Philippines), Oshini (Sri Lanka), Jarl (Malaysia), and Pavitra (India).

It’s a great pleasure for me to deliver the first HR workshop of year 2022 to my fellow Honorary Reporters. I personally hope what I shared will enable all of us to write unique K-Drama reviews, found nowhere else other than on Talk Talk Korea.

Some of the participants of Session 1 of 3rd Workshop for HRs: K-Drama Reviews, A to Z.

Until next time. πŸ™‚


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