What is love if it’s selfish?

You insist on loving someone, on

Owning him, while you know that

He belongs to someone else.

You disregard the boundaries and the

Vows made by people who are willing

To go through heaven and hell to

Be married and together until

Death do them part.

You say that people have the right

To have a changing heart and mind,

That soulmates can be made, bent,

Separated, remade, and not necessarily found.

But must you destroy a family and

Ruin the life of a wife and her children

Just to satiate your ego, lust, and interest

In the name of your undying obsession

Towards the said married man?

You said it’s love, I said it’s selfishness.

What is love if it’s unfair?

You double the people in your life, but

Not the capacity to love, to care, and to be

Devoted to all of them, every one

Of them, equally and unconditionally.

You keep choosing the person you love

Best, the person you’ll punish most

Severely, the person you’ll give no

Apple to should you have one basket full

Of them, and the person you’ll say yes to

Every time and in every situation.

You buy the best dress in the market for

One person and you give the rag from

Your old college t-shirt to the other.

You give your most loved person your favorite

Cake and easily deny that you have any

Cake at all when the person you claim to love

Needs food to tame the rumble in his tummy.

You said it’s love; I said it’s favoritism.

What is love if it’s stubborn?

You ask for teachings, you say that your heart

And mind long for truth and advice.

But you do exactly what I tell you not to do

For I have told you all the pain and consequences

And aggravation which come from that deed.

Everything you say about being a good

Listener and learner is nothing but

Lip service on your part, not mine.

You deviate from the guidance which will bring you

Fulfillment, luck, and wealth, all because you think

I am less inteligent, although I am undoubtedly

Much more accomplished than you are.

You come to me for advice because you claim

To love me and I give you one because I know

Exactly that I love and care about you, too.

You said that it’s a proof of your love for adventure

And new experience; I said that it’s your over-the-

Top pride, arogance, and mere foolishness.

What is love if it’s not loving at all?

To one person it’s about owning, regardless

Whatever norms, morals, and ethics we

Possess as human beings are being violated.

He or she has no respect for marriage,

To the institution as old as time,

The sacred bond upon which a family

Is built and maintained.

To another person it’s about dedicating

His or her everything to the object

Of his or her compassion and affection,

Regardless the unfairness, the complaints,

The sadness, and the bitterness growing

Massively inside the others’ hearts and souls.

For we all can feel if we truly are not special

Enough, important enough to be loved.

To another’s another person it’s about self-love,

Loving to think what he or she wants to think,

Hears only what he or she wants to hear,

Do what he or she believes is right according

To his or her own standard, purposedly ignoring

All the advices and teachings given in the name

Of love, and blood tie, and cordiality.

He or she can go to hell for all I care.

What is love if it’s not loving at all?

The more I search, the more I don’t know.

Let me take some time to contemplate about

What love really is and means.

I hope the new moon doesn’t appear until

I reach a satisfying conclusion.

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