We talked about the ballad of dis-, un-, and im-

Yesterday, the ballad we sing on daily basis.

The displeasure, impatience, and the state of

Being unfortunate, all intertwined into a

Giant ball of distress and the feeling of

Anxiety and relentless.

We sang songs of broken heart and rejection

And manipulation and abandonment and river-deep

Longing which runs through our body, mind,

And soul because of someone, a person whose

Path crosses ours, leaving us astounded

And never be the same again.

We talked about friendship, the tales and

Secrets we share with certain people, whose

Backgrounds are as diverse as the fragmented

Colors of the rainbow, and who consciously

Choose to get to know us, be with us, be our

Companion and confidant even when our

Own family refuses to.

We sang songs of protest and contemplation

Of shapes and what it really means to accept

Them, embrace them, live peacefully with

Those who have them in various states, and

Songs of how children are never ours in

The first place and will leave us eventually,

Carving their own paths in this world.

We talked and sang a lot of songs and here

I am thinking of the worst enemy

Of all writings, of all thoughts channeled

Into letters, and numbers, and words, and

Paragraphs, and article, with particular

Title which is easily forgotten, or maybe not.

It’s assumption, my friend, assuming

That you know better than everybody else does,

That you possess the most sacred and the

Truest knowlegde this world will ever know,

That you need not checking whether your

Understanding is correct or you just

Make an assumption based on what you think

Because you were born, raised, and educated in

Certain ways which produce certain mind

Frame, opinion, and judgement towards how

Other people operate and make decision.

Assumption drives you to some corners, if

You get it wrong, and beyond the borders of

Comprehension, if you get it right.

It’s a tricky game with low return and unexpected

Chaos as a result of uneducated guess and

The attitude of being all high and mighty

In front of other people, who in some cases

Probably way smarter and wiser than you

Are, but never bother to show off their

Brains and wits to anyone because they know

The league they’re in, the games they play

(Well), and the lack of need for praises and

Acknowledgements from other people.

They remain steadfast and strong just because

They are steadfast, strong, and reliable

Against the ever changing world.

This kind of people don’t assume; they ask.

They feel obliged to ask whether the sun always

Rises from the east; for all they know maybe one

Day it has decided to rise from the north.

Better make a note of it before everything

Changes rapidly and we can no longer

Rely on and believe in our fragile memories.

They feel the pressure to seek the root of

All problems, all equations, all with question

Marks on their tails; confirming and reconfirming

Are the practice they do so religiously.

A good friend of mine once said about what

The word “assume” stands for, and I quickly

Replied, “It is just a word; there’s no way it is

An acronym of something.” But, my friend

Laughed and said that it stands for

“Ass-u-me”, putting your ass upon me,

As in bringing the worst luck and unnecessary

Trouble to anyone who has to deal with

The consequences of an assumption.

And ain’t that the truth, my friend?

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