The Ballad of Dis-, Un-, and Im-

We live in a world where it is easy

To connect and disconnect with people.

Just give me your number and I

Will save it on my phone.

I’ll call you whenever I deem it important

Or necessary or whenever I’m feeling quite

Unhappy with my life or how everything

Is going and I need a bit distraction to

Tame this impatience eating at me.

We don’t have to either like or

Understand each other; it is not

Prerequisite at all, my friend.

Social media interaction and relation

Is about fighting the boredom

Or the discontentment or the

Displeasure or the dissatisfaction

I feel about anything that crosses

My mind, right here and right now,

While scrolling through the endless

Newsfeeds which feeds me more than

What I can bite and chew, and surely

Leaves me with anxiety and envy for

Everyone else in this world who seems

So perfect compared to the imperfect me.

Do you know how unimportant it is for

You to know how many children your

Facebook friends have, how they are

Named, how they smirk, sneer, and

Throw uninviting smile to the camera,

Making their parents write a caption

That says “My sassy, but cute baby”?

What a load of nonsense, don’t you think?

Do you know how unimportant it is for

You to know how many books your writer

Friends have written in such a short time

And how it makes you even more

Insignificant as a person, or a fellow writer,

Who is supposed to mark his calendar with

Another book recently published,

Another milestone (tried, true, and

Conquered), but isn’t doing it?

What a way to ruin your mood, isn’t it?

Do you know how unimportant it is for

You to know where your high school

Friends have been hiding all these years

And why did they make an appearance

Just by the time you thought you’re

So done with the people who had

Promised to be friends forever and in

The same time were always unavailable

And have forgotten twenty-one of your

Birthdays in the past twenty-one years,

Give or take?

Lip service is just not your thing, I know.

Do you know that it is not impossible

For you to connect and disconnect,

Appear and disappear,

Be availabe and unavailable,

With, from, and for people whose names are

On your contact list, lining up neatly,

Not wanting to make any unnecessary ruckus?

Once we feel dispirited about someone,

Or we’re being in some kind of sticky, impersonal,

And uncomfortable situation with the said person,

We can always press the “Delete” button and

Every information will disappear before our

Eyes, leaving no trace of how somebody

Has for a short period of time interrupted

Our life, our schedule, and made us feel

Even more displeased with what we are, where

we’re now, what we have, and so on.

It is a privilege of our time and generation

To be able to decide whom to keep or let go

With just a few clicks and a few buttons away.

There’s no need to explain or provide pages-long

Reasons why we choose to friend or

Unfriend a contact on our phone.

Everything is within our right and discretion,

Our thorough examination and consideration

Of how our life can be slightly or much more

Fulfilled once the specific name disappears.

This is very convenient considering the fast-paced

World we’re currently living in and the shallow,

Short-lived, and temporary social media or physical

Relationships tend to be these days.

I personally enjoy the current trend and way of life

That includes and disintegrates things, people,

Connections, works according to the scale of priorities,

And more importantly according to who I am

As a person, as an individual, fighting the

Ballad of dis-, un-, and im- on daily basis.

How about you?

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