All about Yeo Jin Goo

Tomorrow is Yeo Jin Goo Day.

In the spirit of celebrating his upcoming birthday with his fans from all over the world, I’ve decided to write this post in English so you all can enjoy, comment, and share the joy with me.

How did you know Yeo Jin Goo?

I never heard his name until I saw his outstanding 2021 K-Drama on Netflix titled “Beyond Evil”. At the beginning of this year everybody was raving about it.

The casts are so good.

The plot is very appealing.

You can never guess who the culprit is (or are).

It deserves as many awards as possible.

And the list goes on.

As long as it’s not on Netflix, I will not watch it. But there it was, repeatedly appeared on the recommendation list tailored especially for me.

My classmates at Drakor Class had been buzzing about it, writing posts on our blog and taping podcasts discussing about the drama.

“Beyond Evil” must have been that good, I thought to myself.

I know my classmates well, their preferred genres, and their high standard when it comes to an actor’s acting ability.

So, how they continuously persuaded me to watch “Beyond Evil” finally made me convinced to give it a go.

I was mindblown, starstruck beyond words.

I started to watch it because of Shin Ha Kyun.

Like many Korean senior actors, Shin Ha Kyun’s presence alone is magnetic. He is like a fine wine, aging well and wonderfully.

I totally ignore the rumor (or was it true?) of his relationship with Kim Go Eun. Every movie he’s in has left me completely mesmerized.

But then, something that happened when I watched another K-Drama titled “Law School” a few months earlier happened again to me.

The “Law School” incident for me

With “Beyond Evil”, it’s the complete opposite.

Started watching for Shin Ha Kyun (right), but then fell for Yeo Jin Goo (left)

I mean, who is that guy on the left? Who is that actor?

His character in the drama is Han Joo Won, an elite police officer from Seoul who, along with his search for the truth in the small town of Manyang, belittles Police Inspector Lee Dong Sik (Shin Ha Kyun) so much.

I am annoyed by his character. He appears as someone so immature, so full of pretenses that he is strong enough to overcome whatever coming his way.

In most of the storylines, he can’t. Although he pretends to be steadfast, deep down Han Joo Won is very much ruined.

His image, his logic, his trust, his bravery, everything is questioned once he rigorously delves into the serial murder case happening in Manyang.

That actor, my friend,

is Yeo Jin Goo.

Feeling intrigued, I started finding out more about him.

Yeo Jin Goo was born on August 13, 1997 into a family of two children. He has a younger brother.

He started early in the entertainment industry, since 2005 when he was only 8 years old. Ever since, he has performed in numerous dramas, films, and commercials.

His sweet demeanor and the-boy-next-door outlook have given him the nickname “Nation’s Little Brother”. He is so loved by his fans, who range from young to old people, men and women, from various backgrounds.

The popularity of the K-Dramas he starred in has solidified his status as one of the rising Hallyu stars. He is known as a hardworking actor, is always friendly with his fans, and is never involved in any scandal.

Being young doesn’t make Yeo Jin Goo less talented.

His acting skill has been praised by the media and his fans. His portrayal of diversed characters in the dramas and movies has proved his capability as an outstanding actor and won him prestigious awards.

I wrote yesterday how Yeo Jin Goo has been chosen as one of the 200 actors and actresses promoted by the Korean Film Council, an independent body under the Korean government to support film industry and Korean actors with the slogan “The Actor is Here”.

To be chosen whilst he’s still so young and has many exciting things ahead of him, is an achievement itself. Shin Ha Kyun also made it to the list. My heart just swelled with pride.

In the next few days I’ll still be writing about Yeo Jin Goo.

In the mean time,

생일 축하합니다 우리 여진구

A lot of people are so lucky to know a talented actor like you.

Keep shining bright and light up the ways.

We wish you happiness and blessings in the years ahead.



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