A Love Letter to Busan


I fell in love with you ever since I set my foot on your station and I’ve missed bits and pieces of you over the years.

We first met when I was 21 years old and I returned to you with my family many years later.

A wonderful night stroll

On every visit I got the chance to explore every nook and cranny of you.

The busy and bustling city.

The laidback beach.

The high-rises which comprise your shore.

The spectacular night view.

The peaceful shore in the afternoon.

And most important of all, the serenity of the dawn breaking in your sky.

I never believed in love at first sight, but I was completely bewitched by your charm.

Never had I felt immediately at home like how I felt when I was there.

It’s true we spent several weeks on every visit. Each time we got to know you better; each time you stayed the same.

Very friendly, very welcoming, making us your own.

We had been changing, we had been growing older, but you remained steadfast. Your allure kept us coming, persuading us to stay longer than we planned.

In every turn we were welcomed. Our daughter was greeted with smile. Even though you’re full of tourists and foreigners, we never felt like an outsider.

The staff in our hotel, the owners of the restaurants we dined in, the volunteers in the museums we explored, the taxi drivers, the grandfathers and grandmothers we encountered at the Haeundae Beach, all of them always made our stay memorable.

Once we took a morning stroll at Nurimaru, a small hill adjoining the famous Haeundae Beach, after welcoming the breaking dawn. We met women and children exercising before the day began.

Language barrier was not a barrier at all. Technology and translation device enabled us to sufficiently communicate. We talked, we laughed, we shared food, and we took picture together.

It was one of the beautiful mornings we had while we’re with you.

Our new friends in Busan


You were also absolutely cultural. We had tremendous fun exploring your exhibition center. We were enlightened when we visited your museums.

However, what most unforgettable from you was the culinary experiences you offered us.

We took delight in every Korean meal set we enjoyed.

We devoured the freshest seafood ever.

We marveled in the exclusive fine dining we had in your superb shopping mall.

All the reasons above make us yearn to return to you.

We never forget your clear sky, your exotic hills,

and your thrilling sea.

We never forget how you made us your own,

how you embraced us on your land.

This sorrow shall pass, too.

Once the pandemic ceases, wait for us to return to you.

Welcome us again with your everlasting warmth.

Until we meet again, Busan.

DISCLAIMER: all pictures are documentations from personal trips. All rights reserved.

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