About Dramione Fanfics

So … I’m not a fan of Harry Potter, both the books and the movies. I couldn’t understand what the fuss was about. I didn’t join and was never interested in joining the rest of the world going frenzy over “The Boy-Who-Lived”.

I knew the characters, of course. All my life I’ve been surrounded by Harry Potter fans that it’s impossible to miss the catchy names.

Harry Potter, who is bestfriend with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

There’s this Draco Malfoy, a snob who thinks that he owns Hogwarts and whose family serves the Dark Lord.

Draco’s friends from the House of Slytherin: Theodore Nott, Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkinson, Astoria and Daphne Greengrass. Do I miss anyone?

Harry’s gang from the House of Gryffindor: Ginny (who is Ron’s youngest sister and is later Harry’s wife), Seamus, Dean, Neville, Lavender, and … I can’t remember anyone anymore.

It’s funny how the fans picked up the potentials from the stories that J. K. Rowling weaved and made them their own.

In the hands of the fans (who happen to be writers), Hermione doesn’t end up with Ron, at all. In fact up to now I haven’t found any fanfics which support the relationship and fate of those two.

Fans prefer much more dramatic twists. They pair Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. Yes, the sworn enemies are turned into bestfriends, lovers, and spouses in fanfictions.

Thus came the term “Dramione” for Draco and Hermione. Fans believe the love story between them is much more interesting than one between long-time bestfriends like Hermione and Ron.

I’ve been reading Dramione fanfics since January and have completed 32 titles so far. Some are long, more are short. Some were nerve-racking, more are so bad that they gave me headache.

What I regret from those fanfics is how much they involve sex.

Seriously? Don’t you all have better way to make the premise and plot interesting?

Not that I blame them, though. You write what you read, and it’s easy to tell that those so-called writers write that way because they have been consuming, reading the same kind of genre.

I’ve been waiting for updates from several fanfics which I found intriguing because they involve slow-burn romance.

Slow-burn romance is the best. I couldn’t care less about snogging and shagging, what matter most are the heart, the emotions, and the feelings.

Today I read the complete version of “False Pretenses”. What started on a good note ended up being trashy. It was terrible that I was so tempted to tell the writer what I thought.

But again, it might have ignited dispute, disagreement, or even bullying, that I decided to just leave from the said work from that writer, and never look back.

I admit it is very challenging to write series and in platforms. You deal with mood changing, writers block, readers expectations, and a dozen other things.

That’s why my hat’s off for writer like Sen Liyu who has completed the race and written a masterpiece.

“Manacled” is so good that everything else I read so far is pale in comparison.

I’ll tell you about it later, someday.

Till then.

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