‘Twas the Day of Forwarded GIFs

‘Twas the night before Christmas; ’twas the eve of contemplation.

‘Twas the morning of spirit renewed; ’twas the dawn of flooding notes.

‘Twas the resurrection of dormant groups; ’twas the moment of delayed adieus.

‘Twas the mass of unopened pictures; ’twas the parade of violated copyrights.

‘Twas the lines of celebration; ’twas not pointing out who the recipients are.

‘Twas groups of smiling faces; ’twas wishing the same thing since ancient time.

‘Twas hours of boredom for me scrolling through the groups and contacts. Same intention, different GIFs. It’s the thought that counts, they say. How I long to be getting personal greetings from real people. Not only forwarded GIFs, unashamedly littering my timeline. No one seems to care about the creators of those artworks. You celebrate something at the expense of someone’s hardwork. While Jesus came to bring justice upon the world, you rob people of their sweats and time. How frivolous.

A simple “Merry Christmas”, citing the name of my family members, is much more appreciated. I frown at the parade of useless GIFs; everybody is forwarding something from other sources. They don’t bother to say who the greeting is from, whom the greeting is intended for. As long as I have put on some GIFs on my groups’ timelines, I have done my duty, I have fulfilled my obligation, so they think. I laugh at their logical fallacy. No one seems to think the reason why they’re doing things, as long as everybody else is doing it.

‘Twas the day of Christmas; ’twas the day of forwarded GIFs.

I wouldn’t care about anything else, but my family’s safety.

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