Kids These Days

One day I remember them reaching for my hands, being cuddled in my embrace.

Today I see them getting away when I try to hold them still.

One day I remember them hiding behind my back, so afraid of new people they met.

Today I see them going to their teachers, the few adults they trust.

One day I remember them carrying two balls with the crooks of their arms, always stumbling after tens of steps.

Today I see them playing with jump rope, running with all their might, chasing around their friends.

Today I sillily ask myself where the time has gone. Why is it being used up all too quickly?

And every day I remember that the time ticks just the same. It’s my children who are growing up before my eyes.

Sometimes I want to put a leash on the seconds. Don’t grow too fast, spare me more sweet memories to hold onto when I’m old.

Many times I realize that that is a vain wish. Children run with time. It doesn’t hold them back; they don’t let it keep them from the future.

One day I remember looking at my growing belly with wonder. How can I carry a human being inside of me?

Today I hold my precious children close and I always pray blessings for their lives.


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