My Kind of Saturday

Many times I wish, that on a normal Saturday morning I am at some sandy beach, listening to the waves splashing to the shore, looking up at the blue and clear sky, and drinking my coconut juice. The kids and husband are building a sand castle, while I get to choose whether to continue reading a book on my lap or take a nap.

Then I woke up this morning, glanced at the situations around me, and said to myself.

Nope, it’s not happening this Saturday either.

Saturday (and Sunday) is called weekend, the end of a week when we’re supposed to relax and recharge ourselves, but it’s not easy when you’re a homemaker. Every homemaker must know what I mean. Weekend can easily feel like every other day during the week because of the errands we have to run. The good thing is, every Saturday morning I get to sleep in until about 8.30 (thank you, dear), so there’s no need to rush to prepare my eldest for school. From there on I’ve been trying to do as many things as I can, as fast as I can, so at the end of the day I will be able to squeeze in a couple of hours to write (either for my blog or for the novel I’m currently working on). I’ve been trying NOT to work on weekend, but hey, when inspirations strike I can’t just ignore them. And …, on weekend I have another pair of hands to help taking care of the kids (thank you again, dear), so that I can do whatever it is I have no time to do on regular weekday (I’m still itching to sew new cushion covers with the fabrics which just arrived).

Saturday morning usually means a trip to Indomaret and Joy Roti to buy bread/milk/pudding for breakfast. This morning it was followed by a quick trip to the swimming pool to get my neighbor some brochure, and a quick visit to the house of the said neighbor to give our deepest condolences for the passing of her mother. Then came the routines of performing household chores, like: folding laundry, doing laundry, dusting, sweeping, mopping, and last but not least cooking for lunch. I’ve been meaning to do deep cleaning every weekend, but my body is too exhausted to add more chores to the already long list. One thing which differentiates this Saturday with the previous ones is that we got to put outside all of the pillows and bolsters we have. Hmm, I really love me the smell and the feel of pillows and bolsters after they’re spread out in the sun to dry.

My husband’s kind of Saturday morning is quite different from mine. At 9 in the morning his students will arrive for computer lesson (the lesson itself lasts for about one hour). And after that, he’ll be helping me around the house (following my instructions, to be exact). This morning he helped me with the pillows and bolsters, and to make today more significant he put his hands on separating and counting the coins our daughter had been collecting for the past four years (!). There were plenty of coins, I’m telling you. I think it took him a couple of good hours to separate them by the origins (coins from outside Indonesia were also tossed inside the piggy bank) and by the value (we found one Rp 50,00 coin in it. Does anyone in this country still use this smallest value coin for transaction?). It could have finished sooner but our boy made some disruptive efforts because he was bored, and our eldest joined the separating process because she’s interested with the content of the piggy bank (she’s not even aware that she’s collected that much). We’re surprised to know that with those coins our daughter could buy herself a one-way airplane ticket from Jakarta to Semarang. Wow, talk about doing small things to achieve a big thing.

coin counting

I thought I’d be able to sit down with my laptop at around 2 PM after everyone’s finished with their late lunch, but I was mistaken. I started typing at around 3 PM when everybody’s out to buy some ice cream, and one hour later I’m not even writing the 1.000 words as I planned. Well, it’s still better than writing nothing at all. I should be grateful, nevertheless.

Next weekend is a long one started by a public holiday on Friday. We’re so going out of town; I can’t wait to do some hiking and play around the waterfalls.

What kind of Saturday are you (usually) having?



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