The Weirdest Dreams I’ve Ever Had

In 2003 I had two classmates in college I didn’t have much interaction with. I was in several group works with them, a boy and a girl, but we never clicked and made it more than a passing acquaintance. One night I dreamed of them telling me that they’re starting to date each other. The dream was so random, it was out of nowhere, and yet it felt so real. The next morning I met them in our morning class and without thinking I asked them, “Are you two dating?” To my surprise they said, “Yes, since last night. We haven’t told anyone about it. How did you know?” I was too dumbfounded to answer so I just told them that I knew it from a dream and left. Later on the girl approached me and asked me again how I knew, since they had been very cautious and secretive about their relationship (they came from different races, religions, socioeconomic status, and so on, and so forth). I only shrugged and told her the same answer; I knew it from a dream.

Was it a premonition? I wasn’t sure, but it was not the only experience I had with having a dream and seeing the realization of it. Back in 2013 I even had a dream about a former friend who wanted to cut ties with me, and the next day he did exactly that through a text message. What an annoying coincidence, ha-ha. The funny thing is it usually has something to do with the people around me, whom I know well or not. I have had thousands of dejavus during my 35 years of living and I never take them seriously. But whenever I had vivid dreams about other people, the next morning I quickly contacted them and asked them how they were doing.

I lived in Tokyo for a year from 2003 to 2004 and I’m still in touch with the people I befriended while studying there. A couple of months ago, I suddenly had a dream of a person from that period of life who told me excitingly that he’s getting a new job. The dream was so weird because I wasn’t even thinking of YSEP (that’s the name of our program) people or seeing the latest Facebook news feeds of any of them recently. So I messaged that friend and I asked him randomly whether he’s changing/getting a new job. I also straightly told him that I saw it in my dream. It was a very ridiculous way to start a text conversation, but I told him nevertheless because he had been a good friend to me back then. To my surprise he told me that he’s going to a seminary soon and is probably getting a new job in the new place. I was once again dumbfounded. Did I have a premonition again? We ended up talking about other things after that but I still had this weird feeling that it wouldn’t be the last random and manifested dream I’d be having.

Fast forward to about a week ago when I had another dream about that same person. In it I saw him being restless and kind of sad, and I was telling him not to worry. I told him that he wouldn’t feel lonely in the new place because our God would provide him with new friends. Friends are given and the best of them will be given by the best Provider. I texted him exactly the same sentences I told him in my dream (yes, the dream was so vivid and every time I had this kind of experience I’d remember the details of what I saw, said, and heard during the surreal experience). To my surprise the friend replied, “Thank you, I needed to hear that.”

What is dream, what is reality, what is deepest wish and hope, and what is a mere fantasy? I’m not saying that I had premonitions, until now I’m not sure about what I had, but I’m glad that I was reminded through dreams to check whether the people who are now in my life, or once crossed their paths with me, are doing well. I like to hear that they’re getting a new job, that they’re embarking on a new career, that they’re having a newborn, and that they’re starting a new relationship. Regardless how absurd the dreams had been, I would never ignore them. I would think about them till I knew what I’d do with them. Through them I had been reaching out to old friends, giving encouragement, making their day. A simple thing like a random dream can be used as an excuse to exchange greetings and what’s going on lately in each other’s lives.

And whenever I had bad dreams about other people, I would be on my knees to pray that the bad things weren’t happening to them. My memory’s pretty good and it made me feel upset for a couple of days if I could still remember the bad images I saw in my dreams.

I’m sending all my love and prayer to those who did and still do cross their paths with me. I hope you all are safe and sound.

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