Randomness Inside My Head is the first book from Rijo Tobing, an indie author based in Cikarang.

It is a collection of twelve short stories written in English published in October 2016, with themes ranging from love, family dynamics, and life in general.

Readers will join unexpected journeys in the train of thoughts of the author.

As random as the stories may seem, they have underlying spirits that are familiar to human kind since the beginning of time.

As cited from one of the readers, the women in this book are loving, independent, and decisive. Brave enough to admit their feelings, strong enough to provide support when they themselves are lacking, wise enough to notice the defeat and to walk forward without looking back. (Sandra Soetanto – Finance Professional)



His name was Ali and his life was pretty ordinary. At the moment, he was working in Datuk Lo’s shop and he slept at its terrace every night. One day when he just had dinner, a crash happened just in front of him. Two motorbikes and the men driving them fell on the sidewalk. People started to gather and watch the men argue and fight. They got impatient after a while. The motorbikes were put aside and Ali watched them with wonder.

He never rode a motorbike before, but he had seen people riding it all the time. Without thinking Ali jumped onto the red motorbike and sped up through the busy streets and the traffic jam. He directed the motorbike towards the parking lot of a shopping mall, while the people and the police were chasing after him. Their shouts sounded like roaring thunder in his ears.

As random as the crash, Ali’s decision to steal the motorbike made a turn in his life. Would the crowd catch him, or would he get away with the first crime he ever committed?

“Reading this book is like taking a journey, an imagination one.”

— Helda Manuhutu, HR Professional


Enjoy this book on a rainy day with a cup of coffee.


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