The Tug of Date

He turned to face her. “Yes?”

“What time do you get off work?”


“Dinner at my place. On me,” she said under her breath.

He couldn’t quite hide his smile. “Is it a date?”

“It’s a token of gratitude,” she corrected him. “Are you in or not?”

“I’ll be back at seven.”

“I don’t cook.”

He shrugged, “I don’t mind takeaways.”


* * *


“Are you sure you’re going to be okay?”

“I am. Besides, your family is waiting for you.”

“I’ll be calling you every five minutes.”

She chuckled, “Don’t. I don’t want to stare at my phone all the time, waiting for your text and call.”

“I did that when we were away from each other the last time.”

She shot him a wide grin. “I know. I did that, too.”

“I should have dropped the phone and flown to where you were,” he added.

“So, why didn’t you?”


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