20170408 – BOOK LAUNCH: Randomness Inside My Head

At the chore, everything is given.

At the end, everything is for His glory.



That day arrived and that day was over. It was one of the most important days in my life, and the very important people came to celebrate it with me. I thank everyone who has made the time to come. I appreciate everyone who has kept their promises to come. My respect to you all.

I was lucky to find PT Tiga Pilar as the long-run companion for RIMH. We share the same fighting spirit and we always strive to do our best. I hope we can work together in many more projects and years to come. I’m also thankful for the MC, speakers, sponsors, book buyers, et cetera. The list is too long, haha! Seriously, I’m grateful for you all.

I wouldn’t have been the person I am right now if I hadn’t worked in Balikpapan ten years ago. The job was the toughest I had so far. I dealt with difficult people, and yet I had to get the jobs done. My deepest respect to my former bosses and colleagues in Kalimantan Region, PT HMS, who had turned me from a cry-baby into someone who has eyes on the goals and drives to always move forward. They taught me the hardness of corporate life, and they also taught me how to partner up with vendors and other stakeholders. Without the experience cultivated there, I couldn’t have been able to get any sponsor for this book launch. Thank you, friends, you shaped my resilience.

Anggarda Paramita Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna

Now back to writing my second book, a novel, inspired by one of the stories in RIMH; and back to Taekwondo class after 2-week break. But first, let me have that spa and massage.





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