BOOK LAUNCH – The Advertisements

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.”

– African Proverb –

I have always wanted to go far with Randomness Inside My Head.

That’s how I know that I need partners to run the long miles. This book is like my first baby, my firstborn whose hands I won’t let go. I’ve prepared the book launch since early February and I know that the D-day is approaching very soon. One of the most important parts in preparing the launch is how to get the words out there. How to inform the public about my book. How to make them interested to come and listen to what I want to share with them.

I’m grateful beyond words for my running companions; the business partners who have worked hand-in-hand with me for the past long and hard-working weeks. They advertise the event; they roll out the announcement. They and I are doing everything we can to spread the information. We’ve done our best and we’ll let God do the rest.

And of course I’m also grateful beyond words for my husband, Andi Dinata, who designed all promotional materials. He’s the best for this.

Here’s some recap of the advertisements by these partners:

Ad 1_Tempo StoreAd 2_Rounder GramediaAd 3_Central Park MallAd 4_Gramedia Central ParkAd 5_Tempo.co_Kanal Gaya


I will see you all there!


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