Be Inspired, Be an Inspiration

Have you ever felt very exhausted when you wake up in the morning? You drag your feet just to leave your bed. You know that you have zillions of things to do in the morning, in the afternoon, until very late at night, but you just lose all the drives and motivations to do all those chores you’re obliged to do?

Well, you’re not alone.

Every second, any human being on this planet might withdraw himself from the crowd and ask that one simple, yet sometimes unanswered, question. What am I doing here? The answers can be in plain sight, like you work to pay your bills, you get up in the morning to prepare your kids for school, et cetera, et cetera. And all those chores which have been waiting for you since the second you open your eyes as the sun rises, will come at you with overwhelming power that you forget to find the answer to that one important question. What are you doing here?

In times when we are lacking confidence and motivations, we tend to turn to others and have a look at how their lives are running. They might look happier, work more efficiently, appear more flawless than us. And as for women, the creatures who are prone to comparison, we’ll end those sneaky observations on other people’s lives by saying to ourselves: I’ve just got to accept that I’m falling short of everything.

I’m telling you that we’re not.

They say that the grass is always greener on somebody else’s lawn. Have you ever thought that it might be greener because your neighbor is using a better fertilizer? So, what are you waiting for? Go get your shovel, turn that soil upside down, and pour a different, better type of fertilizer. That’s metaphorically speaking. Literally speaking, there’s always a good side in learning from others what drives and motivates them. That doesn’t mean that they’re better than us. That just means that they can show us how to be our better selves. Reading inspirational and motivational quotes every morning is good, but talking and listening to the right people will be better. We get that sense of camaraderie when we hear that the people we perceive as better people than us, are also motivation-deprived every once in a while. But they don’t dwell in that deprivation. They look up and find higher mountain to climb; they look up to better people than they are. When they do that, are they immune to comparing their lives with other people’s lives? I bet they are not. After all, we’re humans who are never satisfied. But what I can see from those strong-willed people is that they don’t make other people’s races as their own. They define their own track, set their own bar, beat their own record. Our lives are so different one from another, that it doesn’t make any sense if we insist on wearing other people’s shoes and measure ourselves with other people’s standards.

In this fast-moving era of information, you can find abundant information about people who you think can and will inspire you. You can search on the internet with the keywords “inspiring people” and the possibilities are endless. Here’s an alternative for your search to find the voices which will help you to become a better you.

O Channel TV is a television station based in Jakarta, Indonesia, which focuses on bringing the most useful information to inspire women. We’re not talking only about those nice inspirational quotes, but also the inspirations we can acquire from the wardrobe, makeup, lifestyle, workout session, traveling story, and so on of the people who we think can drive us to reach our potentials. Their programs are available for streaming at their official website Have a look and let yourself be immersed in their richly inspiring programs. Information on their programs can also be found on their Facebook fanpage and Instagram account @ochanneltv.

My personal favorite program is INSPIRATO, airing every Saturday at 9 PM GMT+7. In this show, successful people share the adversities they face, how they tackle those difficulties, and how they come out as a winner of their own struggle. I love the background diversities of the speakers for that show. From a fierce movie director to the founder of an infamous floating hospital, the show is a real eye-opener on what it’s like to work and thrive in certain field. Regardless the different competencies and goals they have in their lines of work, the speakers have the same can do spirit and attitude. I find the spirit and attitude themselves are inspiring enough to help me get myself up, dust myself off, and continue with my endeavor, even though I don’t feel like doing it.

Last but not least, once we’re inspired, don’t forget to be an inspiration for people around us, especially those who are closest to us. Good vibes and positive energy aren’t to be kept within ourselves, but to be spread so that they will affect other people and other lives. Find that higher mountain, find an inspiration to climb it. And once we’re up there, encourage other people to do their best and reach their own tops.

After we’re inspired, be that inspiration.


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