1 Year of Randomness Inside My Head

In 1998 I fell in love for the first time and had my first heartbreak. The good thing was, a broken heart led me to write a lot in my diary, ha-ha! At that time I was very fond of reading and writing short stories, because there was less demand for a perfect ending and there was wide room for unexpected plot twists. I sent several stories I wrote to several magazines and they always got rejected because they were in English. Until one day the internal magazine of LB LIA English Course, named “Contact”, accepted my story and published it in year 2000. The story’s title was “The Princess’ Name Was Fiona”. The story only fit 2 pages of HVS paper, I typed it using my father’s old typewriter, and I started it by drawing an illustration of two young girls dressed up for a party. I’m pretty sure my father still keeps the copy of the magazine somewhere in my parents’ house, though I haven’t had a glimpse of it in about 17 years.

After the first published story I kind of stopped writing fiction. I didn’t have the urge, the passion, the time, the willingness, you name it. School, work, social life, and family were occupying everything I had until I abandoned this one hobby that once delighted me so much.

Thanks to the Notes feature in FB I still wrote my opinions on random things from time to time. From the meaning of the word “assume” to a critic towards Disney Junior’s “I’m A Princess” campaign few years ago. Flash forward to the end of February 2016 when I was overtiring myself due to sewing and drawing kitchen set designs too much. I got typhoid and bladder infection in the same time and I had to be hospitalized. It was one of the most boring times in my life; I had to rest and lie down a lot. Even when I already got discharged they “recommended” me to refrain from doing physical activities for one month. One whole month! I almost died of boredom.

On March 7, 2016 I was twisting and turning in bed, feeling restless. Because I couldn’t sleep, I took my phone and began typing a note on FB with two thumbs, and voila I was done writing “Bid You Farewell” by 3 AM on March 8, 2016. I ignored my doctor’s advice to have enough rest, I knew that, but I was running on euphoria. I was astounded with what I did. It had been 16 years since the last time I wrote fiction, but it didn’t feel that long, and it surely didn’t feel awkward to start all over again.

The second story “Prince Charming” was created on the same day at 4 PM with different setting and different ambience. After that everything just fell into place. I still wrote on my phone for the next stories; I never allocated a specific time to write. I usually wrote during the waiting in doctor’s office because the queue was always sooo long that I could complete one story in one appointment.

The journey after the stories were written was definitely not an easy one. My husband was the one who encouraged me to make a book out of them, a collection of short stories written in English. Then began the hunt for publishers, printing houses, agents, etc., etc.

Why did I go indie? That’s a question I’d be happy to answer on my upcoming book launch. The thing is I like to learn, and going indie is the real eye-opener to see the world of a published author.

Here’s to many years and many books ahead of “Randomness Inside My Head”.

I’m forever grateful.


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