Music of My Heart

One rainy evening back in 2001, I was sitting in front of the TV in my boarding room. I was just flipping through the channels when this video played on TV. It was the music clip of “Music of My Heart” by *NSYNC and Gloria Estefan. I sang along and suddenly my best friend showed up at the door. My best friend shot me a wide grin and complimented my voice. We ended up singing the song together.

Years went by and never for a second I forgot that comfortable evening when we sat side by side singing a wonderful song. You changed, I changed, we grew apart. Our paths could never cross again. I bid you farewell so many years ago. But for some time, for a period of my life, you were very important. I looked up to you, I comforted you, I shared my secrets with you.

*all of ones you knew me better than anyone ever will again


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