Parks in Singapore – Part 3: Far East Organization Children’s Garden


Hi, hi! We’re on the third day of exploring the parks in Singapore. The park on the first day can be found on the link here:, as well as the park on the second day:

For the third day, we decided to explore the garden in Gardens By The Way complex. The garden’s name was Far East Organization Children’s Garden and it’s located behind Marina Bay Sands Hotel. We took the bus from our hotel in Orchard to get there. My son enjoyed the bus ride so much that he got upset by the time we got off the bus, ha-ha. The garden was located very far from the bus stop in front of MBS. We had to walk around twenty-five minutes before we got there. The entrance fee was free and there were a lot of people, families with children, relaxing there. The first attraction in the garden was the fountain playground with gorgeous MBS as the background view. My daughter changed into her bathing suit, but my son decided not to get wet this time. There were plenty of poles spraying water automatically within seconds apart from each other. My daughter especially loved the bucket that would splash water to her head once it’s full.

The fountain playground was right in front of an amphitheater with small chairs for children visitors scattered all over the place. My son took his time arranging and re-arranging the chairs and eating his snack, while his sister had fun playing with the water.

On the corner of the fountain playground there was a small space with fish statues spraying water. There went my hope that my son would stay dry, ha-ha. He just went to play there and soon his sister joined him.

After that we went to the right-side part of the fountain playground, where there was a big metal slide with so much white sands on the base of it. The kids could climb pretty high before sliding down. It was pretty safe because there was net everywhere. It’s funny that we ran into several families coming also from Jakarta. It felt more like being at home than being abroad, ha-ha.

After almost one hour we followed the stairs that led to the higher part of the garden. There we found several equipment to test our fitness, such as spider net, monkey bar, spring board, and balance board.

Time passed by too quickly. At almost four o’clock the kids changed into dry clothes and we explored the rest of the garden. My daughter took picture with a big lantern in dinosaur-shape in front of the café we had snack at. We also visited parts of the park with a lot of cacti and small aquarium filled with unique fishes.

The kids were exhausted by the time we got on the bus. Thankfully both of them were not asleep by the time the bus stopped near our hotel. Otherwise I wouldn’t know how to carry a 6-year old girl and to push the stroller with a 2-year old boy inside it at the same time! Staying at hotel in Orchard area, where there were a lot of bus stops, did have its perk.

Stay tuned for our exploration on Day 4. Couldn’t believe that we had already spent half of our holiday time in Singapore!

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