Parks in Singapore – Part 2: Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden


Hi, everyone! This post is the second review of the parks we went to in Singapore in October 2015. The first review about MacRitchie Reservoir could be found here:

On the second morning after we arrived in Singapore, we took the bus from our hotel to go to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, a small garden for children which was located close to Singapore Botanic Gardens. As much as I and my daughter wanted to explore SBG, the humidity of that day and the somber mood of my son made us change the plan to just relax and spend the day at the small JBCG. I read on internet that JBCG was usually not crowded and it had a lot of playgrounds for children. We arrived there at almost eleven AM, after a long lazy breakfast with husband at the hotel lounge. The access to JBCG was quite hard to find. When we got there, we were welcomed by plenty of greeneries at the entrance. There were a lot of other groups, children with their parents/grandparents/nannies.

The first place we went to was the fountain playground. My kids happily changed into their bathing suits and soaked themselves in the sprays of water. It was very refreshing for a hot, humid day like that day. My daughter quickly made friends with the children she met there, while my son was, as usual, busy with himself, ha-ha.

After almost one and a half hours and very tanned skin, the kids changed their suits and decided to farther explore the garden. Each plant in the garden had name board on it, so my daughter could read it out loud. They especially liked the exhibit of how photosynthesis worked. The exhibit was simple and it’s at the kids’ height. It was good to see them interacting with each process to gain more understanding. Close to the exhibit we found a tree house with huge and long slides. This became their favorite for the next one hour.

We walked deeper into the garden and found a simple hut for us to rest and eat our lunch. It’s funny how my son was eyeing the bird who tried to eat his bread crumbles. There’s also a fitness corner with white sands where the kids played with some kind of excavator and tried to move the sands from one place to another. It was more like Sky doing the hard work and his sister giving commands, ha-ha.

On our way back the kids saw the fountain playground again and they begged me to stay for another ten minutes. Yeah, right, we ended up staying there for more than one hour. We actually left the garden at four o’clock in the afternoon.

To sum it up, JBCG had the complete package of fountain playground, slides, sands, and plenty of plants to learn about. It had everything children would love to play with on one hot day. All in all, it’s been a relaxing day with lots of water as the highlight. It’s a good way to wind down after much hiking and walking in MacRitchie Reservoir the day before.

The last picture taken was of the kids eating Mari Regal next to the JBCG mascot, the lion of kindness. The lion had this written below it: “The truest greatness lies in being kind”.

Isn’t it the truth? 😊




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