Was it on the 11th, on the 12th, or on the 13th?

I can’t really remember the first day I met him. I only remember one rainy afternoon in September, when a new friend in Pandaan asked me if I wanted to host the upcoming quality convention. It’s an annual event and he needed someone to be an MC speaking in English, translating directly from the MC speaking in Bahasa. He told me that this MC’s name was Melissa and he was quite handsome. I only frowned at his choice of words. How could a woman be called handsome? But I said nothing and thought it was only a slip of tongue.

Later on the MCs and committee members of the convention gathered in Bon Café for a dinner. I was thrilled to meet new people and make new friends. The company was tremendous, so it was exciting to meet people from other functions.

He came late, sat right across me, and introduced himself as Andi. I didn’t know back then that Melissa and Andi were the same person. Let’s skip the part about the history of his name, hehe. He ordered steak and I watched him eating his meal so neatly. He used fork and knife meticulously, but the plate was not left clean enough according to my standard. I frowned at his plate, not at him, but he might not have noticed.

We didn’t converse with each other until much later that night, when we had to write the MC scripts. How could I have known that he would capture my heart?

Was it on the 11th, the 12th, or the 13th of September ten years ago when we first met?

I can’t tell and I bet he doesn’t remember. But looking back then, now I am overwhelmed with gratitude for having met him. Considering what he’s done for me to reach my goals, I can’t help but say: I couldn’t have done it all without him. I couldn’t have chosen a better partner.

Love you to the Pluto, ten million light years from our milky way, and back to Cikarang.


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