A Reflection of Thirty-Four Years

What does being a 34-year-old woman mean? For some, 34 is merely a number. Many people I know haven’t reached it yet, while many have looked at it as it waves at them from the past. For me it’s the age of revelation. For me to know who I really am, the reasons why I was created, the purposes I serve in this life time; and to be right where I should be.


I am thankful that I chose to marry, despite my serious attempt to have a career first then get married when everything is settled (assumed age: 32 years old). I know now that my decision to take on new roles as a wife and a mother was right. Meet me ten years ago and I would grimace at the idea of being somebody else’s half, cause I always thought about myself as a whole. But now I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I know now what it means to choose to be with my husband. I know now what it means to overcome the shortcomings, to reveal my true self, to dedicate my life whole-heartedly to him, to commit in marriage, to stay in love during the pressure and demands of raising two young children.


I know now what it means to have a role-model, when my kids are looking forward to exploring the world they live in with me. I know now that my children love and look up to me unconditionally. They grow up not to be me, but they deserve the best values and survival techniques I can teach them.


I know now what family is and the eternal bondage it has. No one can ever deny parents and siblings, like an apple can never forget it comes from an apple tree. No matter what the adversaries are, family stays when everyone has left. Having my own children means continuing a legacy, to leave my line of heritage in this temporary world.


I know now what new friends and old friends mean. I know now what excitement, separation, loss, and broken-heart are. I am grateful for all the people whose paths have crossed mine. Despite the hospitality and hostility, they have contributed to me finding myself, right now at the age of 34. I now understand how people grow closer and grow apart. I don’t hold grudge against anyone. Life happens and those things are inevitable. I don’t cling on the past, but I certainly cherish the memories.


I thank everybody who has taken time to send me their well wishes. To those near and far, I pray for you all, that the same strength and happiness you wish me will happen unto you, too. I know now that you remember me, and I am blessed for that.




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