Guilty Pleasure

What’s a guilty pleasure? It is something that gives us pleasure and enjoyment. We feel guilty about having it, while consuming it, because it gives bad effect either on our health, mind, or both.


My guilty pleasure is eating a pack of Mak Icih chips (any level of spiciness) and/or Snack Ring non-stop until I’m running out of stock. It’s not healthy for my body. Yeah, tell me about it. Everytime I eat Mak Icih/Snack Ring at the end I always think I catch some stomach bug. I feel too full, I burp a lot, and I’m a bit nauseous afterwards. So why do I keep eating them?


Because it feels good.


Gosh, I love their taste. I love chewing them. I’m not too crazy about how they actually make my gut feels. I just love eating them. Do I crave them? Not necessarily. Sometimes I grab those snacks on a whim during a visit to nearest convenience store. But then I will be too curious not to eat them right away. I can’t stop eating until the package is super clean, not a drop of MSG can be found on it.


Does the guilty pleasure affect me the least?


Well, I’ve been exercising on and off since this year started. I was a solid 73 kg in January and now I’m averagely 66 kg. Six kg more until I reach pre-pregnancy weight. I cut my carbs intake, especially rice, until one-third of my usual portion. I eat zillions kinds of vegetables and fruits to keep my stomach (feel) full. But sometimes I’d slip and get Mak Icih/Ring to accompany me on movie nights.


There was a time I tricked myself into thinking more exercise would mean more food to eat. I was so wrong. Exercise means better muscle ability to tackle those physical routines of a mom/part-time working woman.


Until December last year I was suffering from muscles pain. My shoulder blades, arms, and lower back were hurting so badly that a trip to hospital and masseur was mandatory every few weeks. They all suggested the same thing. I needed to work out. I’d argue that my daily routines with two young kids are physically-burdening enough, that I wouldn’t want another physical activity included in my daily schedule. They’d said, cleaning the house is not the same with exercising. In exercising/doing sport I would be relaxing. It’s something I cannot acquire while cleaning the house because there is target, result-wise and time-wise, even though it consumes as much as energy.


One of the doctors asked me what kind of sport I’d like to do. I answered him, swimming. But …, swimming as relaxation is out of the question for me. I take the kids for swimming in the afternoon, while my husband is still at work. Who on earth will watch them while I happily tread the water? No one. So, the only choices left for me were those yoga instructors on YouTube.


My physical stamina has got much better ever since I flick the YouTube channels while my boy is napping. I’ll take out the yoga mat, and voila I’m sweating like a pig in under 14 minutes. I never have back and shoulder pain again. It’s been four months, and counting, since my body has found better agility. Blessed are those who invented yoga and YouTube.


So tonight as I just finished eating a pack of Mak Icih and felt terrible afterwards, I had tried to remember the horrible 2015 when I was overweight and I didn’t feel fit at all. I was always telling myself that I was hungry all the time. It was not true. Regular meals can make me full enough until the next (scheduled) meal. The craving to eat is just a trick of mind, and I’m in full control of my mind and my craving.


So when the lady in Cinemaxx offered me popcorn to go with the ticket for Captain America, I thought for seconds and I came to this decision. While my hungry teeth were considering the choice between salty/sweet, small/medium/large pack of popcorn, my brain told me that I needed to burn those calories twice the usual routine tomorrow morning. Imagining yoga and its demanded flexibility is torturous enough for me, that at the end I just smiled and said, “No, thanks.”


<However I did check if Snaxx is still selling popcorn at 10 PM, you know in case I change my mind 30 minutes before the movie starts. And it is!>

*Writing this while facing the ad for Civil War and its social media tag #ChooseWisely. Am I not doing it already? *



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