Kanye West and Mr. EX

As this week is coming to an end, I can’t help thinking what do Kanye West and Mr. EX have in common? The answer is they like to use Twitter for their public rant, this week alone.

Kanye West took the world by surprise earlier this week with a series of tweets directed to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, asking for help with his self-proclaimed $53 million debt. Here’s the link of the news if you’d like to see: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity…. Several things concluded from those tweets:

  1. Kanye might have not known that Mark Zuckerberg is obviously on Facebook (He invented it, d’oh). If he had, he might have used Facebook Messenger to send direct message to Mark, describing his financial difficulty rather than begging for help publicly on Twitter.
  2. Kanye has money to pay for his debt, but he preferred to ask money from other people to pay it, and use his own money to provide for his family. I completely don’t understand his logic. Don’t we normal people try our best to be debt-free so that our family will be safe from the debt-collectors should anything happen to us?
  3. Kanye has this illusion of grandeur that he is the greatest rock-star on the planet who is more influential than Picasso and Apostle Paul, that rich people should hand him money on silver platter for his “art”. This guy typed throne (claimed for him as rap king): T-H-R-O-W-N and bear (to do or deal with difficult thing): B-A-R-E. I wonder what his SAT score was.

Quite similar with Kanye’s way of using and handling Twitter, Indonesia’s former president is also known to infamously complain through Twitter (and Facebook. It seems he has people to periodically collect his tweets and make them into Facebook status every now and then. I applaud all those hard-working men and women). He is also infamously often referred as The Ex by many Indonesian blogs, because his behaviors show the same tendencies as an ex who is left after a relationship dissolves. Exes have more or less these following traits:

  1. They think they’re the best a relationship can have.
  2. They cannot stand comparison and get irritated by any attempt of it.
  3. They confide their mind-trouble to anyone who is willing to hear (or who is there by chance).

Mr. EX has this opinion that so many people in the current government are blaming him (and his presidency) for what is lacking now. He seems to be always aware of the media coverage. Anytime anyone under Jokowi says something fully (or slightly) related to his presidency, he quickly takes it to Twitter and Facebook to defend himself. He often claims that he is made the scape-goat by the current government (read the link here: http://nasional.kompas.com/read/201…). We have to admit that Indonesian media is lacking intelligent reporters nowadays. It is obvious from the content of the articles they write for online publication. They quote someone’s words as is, many times presenting them out of context/initial intention. When and if this was what happened when Minister of X gave comment about previous government, wouldn’t it be foolish to respond fiercely and publicly? In the case of Minister Darmin Nasution’s statement, wouldn’t it have been wiser for Mr. EX to ask the minister DIRECTLY what he meant by his statements? It’s not difficult to get to the Minister and/or his office. Just pick up the phone, press 1-0-8, and ask for the ministry’s phone numbers, for goodness sake. Mr. EX, a former president, sadly took the exaggerated ways to deal with things he doesn’t agree with.

Twitter, as one of the many platforms of social media, was initially made for spreading live news. It has evolved from broadcasting news to broadcasting commercials, personal opinions, condemnation, and of course holiday greetings. Haven’t we all noticed that many people don’t send personal holiday greetings to anyone anymore? They put them as tweet or Facebook status: Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Happy 4th of July, or whatever, and believe that anyone who reads it will feel that the message is directed personally to them. How frivolous!

Should we blame the social media these people use to express themselves? Or should we blame the lack of wisdom, discretion, and nonetheless good intention in utilizing these media? Perhaps we need to engage one more time to these simple rules:

  1. Keep private what needs to be private. People, keeping a diary is not something to be ashamed of. Having a public rant in any social media doesn’t help with your image.
  2. Direct communication with whoever we have issue with (e.g.: making phone call, sending personal message) prevents blowing the issue out of its proportion, and of course prevents unwanted parties to voice their blundering opinions.
  3. Not everyone has to know what you think. I always remember this strong quote: My dear, if everybody knows what’s going on inside of your head, you’ll be left with no friends at all.

May the wisdom be with the people I mentioned earlier.



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