Home Clean Home

I’m a clean freak. I enjoy cleanliness and whenever I feel upset or unwell I tend to clean everything in my sight. Ever since hitting the age of 30 something and having 2 kids I kind of overlook the cleanliness aspect. Today mama is busy going to the doctor, to the bank, to the supermarket, meeting the teachers. The hours go by and suddenly it’s 5 PM. Kids need to be bathed and mama is too tired to deep clean before dinner time. So in the past 2 years dusting-sweeping-mopping has loosened up to every 2 days (or whenever mama has the mood for it).

I’m a night person and a true procrastinator. I do things I have mood for. I function better in night time, approximately between 9 PM to 1 AM. When my husband was still in Surabaya and Sky was a baby I deep cleaned at night to make sure everything was ready the next day. Nowadays I deep clean right before lunch time, to give space for Sky to make a mess during breakfast and morning play time. I enjoy ironing the clothes early in the morning while streaming Jak FM. Sky, knowing this habit, will usually get his toys and play beside me.

This morning I drank Bear Brand Milk for breakfast. It’s been 8 years since the last time I drank it, so no wonder diarrhea had stricken right away. But oh the house is so dirty. We’ve been away for 3 days. I had to do the laundry, iron the clothes, clean the garden, sweep and mop the floor, and shop for groceries. Nothing can wait because we don’t have any help at home, I can only count on my sick self.

So around 10 AM I told myself to get up and finish the chores. Having a husband and children who are allergic to dust makes it necessary to keep a dust-free house. Clothes: washed, hung, and ironed. Floor is as slippery as the ice rink. And now I’m sitting on the couch feeling relieved that I didn’t comply to my lazy self.

It surely feels better to be sick in a clean house, than in a dirty one. It gives an ease of mind that some things had been done, and I didn’t postpone until tomorrow what I could do today. Now I’m going to watch me some Netflix before the kids’ bath time. Oh wait, dinner needs to be prepared now.



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