Why God created Eve for Adam, not another Adam for Adam

This is my note for those who doubt their sexuality and choose to use Jesus, the God for those who’re rejected, to defend their choice.


Why did God create Eve for Adam?

Surely Adam wasn’t lonely in the new Eden. He got so many animals waiting to be named and to play with.

But when God spotted Adam, He saw that it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone.

There Eve was created, out of the bone in his breast. Not from the bone in his head so she could step on him. Nor was she from the bone in his foot so she would be stepped on.


If we take a closer look at man and woman’s anatomy we will see that they’re made to complement, each is a part of a whole. Aside from the anatomy, the logic-emotion system is the opposite between man and woman. We tend to hear man says “I think”, and woman says “I feel”.

What if a man is sexually attracted to another man, or a woman to another woman? Take us back to the beginning of creation and we’ll see that the unity of two identical bodies is just not working. It cannot unite as in it complements each other. Trying to make the same kind of gears work will result in nothing. The gears will not work. Not only it’s anatomically incorrect, it’s also disrupting for logic and emotion to function. Two men might overuse their logic and two women their emotion, so what can they achieve together? We might see that in same-sex couple one still tends to be more masculine and the other more feminine, as in physical appearance or in logic-emotion usage. It can be concluded that the man/woman essence is still there.


If anyone chooses the wrong kind of unity (man-man and/or woman-woman), it’s his/her choice, but know that everything comes with consequences. And don’t, just don’t, use what Jesus had been to justify the choice. Yes, Jesus had been and is love. He took the thiefs, liars, and prostitutes and gave them forgiveness. But forgiveness was given as a response to their repentance. He had been and is also justice. When one violates the natural law, even the simplest of them, justice will apply. One cannot be fully content in life when one cannot oblige even the most basic design in life. Out of the unity of man and woman (physically and spiritually) comes procreation and other purposes God wanted for this world.


And if anyone chooses to get annoyed because the Church doesn’t follow the trend by agreeing on same-sex unity, it’s his/her choice to be left in the dark. Church who doesn’t agree on this unity is not in crisis; it’s upholding God’s Law and it’s what matters most.


We might be indifferent when we see this wrong kind of unity. We think it cannot touch us because it happens to someone else. But what if it’s your brother/sister/son/daughter/cousin who chooses to defy the purpose of his/her creation? Will we stand aside and let them make the decision alone? Will we let them stray away from God?


I believe we will mourn for them, as I mourn for you, my friend.

And I pray to God you’re once more enlightened.



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